Changing Technologies

In today’s world we are witnessing a very quick change in the technologies, the speed with which we upgrade our OS would be surprising( if you bring a person from the past decade), thou for us its okay,its normal for us now because of a simple fact that we are habitual to this now. So with this post i would like to throw in a discussion to all you readers that what should be the objective of our changing technologies, should we blindly go after our own satisfaction( irrespective of the affordability and feasibility of the larger section or just pure self satisfaction)

So the discussion is open to all but here i would also like to put in my perspective( at the end of the day it’s my post :D) see  what i think is not all that matters but i have a personal belief that we as a progressive society should try to focus more on the larger prospective and use of technologies not just for self but for the larger masses and this was the real objective of the innovations since the dawn of civilization.

We have changes ranging from smallest of all to the unimaginable, we have phones with us that too touch enabled there were days when imagining this was all crazy but look around today we have everyone who is an adult having phones in their hands and pockets, their is even no age limit for having a phone you may not have a driving licence but you can  have a phone, now try to imagine the amount of power this brings to you, you can have online banking to online selling of stuff.

So coming to the conclusion, first of all this was m ore of a social post than a tech post, i think people need to first understand what they have that the earlier generations didn’t because then things  become simpler, and you start appreciating whats around.